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2011_08_01_India_Om Parkash Chautala

The effigy of the senior Indian politician Om Parkash Chautala stands in a small group of protesters in an urban area of Sonepat with three story high houses.

Behind the group a garlanded statue of Subhas Chandra Bose, a leading figure in the Indian independence struggle, looms over the crowd. The effigy in the foreground stands two heads taller than the surrounding protesters, supported by a couple of hands in almost tender gestures. The effigy is beautifully made from straw and cloth, wearing Chautala’s signature green turban and spectacles; his name is inscribed on the chest. Looking benevolently down in a seemingly an intimate exchange with the protester facing it, the effigy seems animated, almost alive. I would read the event as initiated to honour the effigy’s prototype, were it not for the flame that is licking at the edge of his shirt.

2011 08 01 India Chautalas-75

August 1, 2011, India: Leaders and supporters of the Congress Party burn an effigy of Om Parkach Chautala (photo: GS Mann)

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